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The Order of Hidden Toledo

The Order of Occult Toledo has been dedicated exclusively to the world of Mystery and Magic Toledo for more than a decade.

With thousands of night routes to our credit, three congresses behind us with speakers such as Sánchez Dragó, Javier Sierra, Jesús Callejo or Ramiro Calle; an exhibition with original pieces linked to magic and brought from ancient Egypt or the jungles of the Amazon, a Museum of Magical Spain, two published books, a CD with recitations, special routes with Paloma Navarrete, Jesús Callejo or Lorenzo Fernández Bueno, special routes with parapsychological investigations carried out in situ in the old part of our city, music concerts with Neonymus and Xera, numerous collaborations in radio and television: La Escóbula de la Brújula, Espacio en Blanco, Cuarto Milenio….

An endless number of activities always carried out according to the same horizon and intention:

“El retorno del Espíritu”

Always aware of the meaning and sense of what we do and without ever selling our soul to the Devil of unscrupulousness and the temptation of pure commercialism. Thanks to you and Toledo, the mission has been possible and continues to be so today.

As the ancient Templar motto that serves as our motto says:¡Non Nobis Domine

Get to know us

Gonzalo Rodriguez OTO

Gonzalo Rodríguez

D. in History

Gonzalo Rodríguez holds a PhD in History from the University of Castilla-la Mancha. His doctoral thesis dealt with ancient Celtic Hispania and its warrior culture.

Trained in philosophy and history, he follows the doctrinal line of the Sophia Perennis and the Traditionalist School. From The Forge and the Sword he battles for the Return of the Spirit.

Julio Cesar Pantoja OTO

Julio César Pantoja

Official Tourist Guide

Official Tourist Guide. Humanist, writer and poet, he considers the world as a fabulous web of symbols that must be interpreted to better understand what surrounds us and with it, to better understand our own nature.

A student of Cultural Anthropology, he is mainly interested in matters related to the religions and beliefs of Man, follower among others of the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner or authors such as Mircea Eliade.

Daniel Gómez Aragonés

Daniel Gómez Aragonés

Historian and writer

His work in the field of history has focused for more than twelve years on the study and dissemination of the barbarian peoples and the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo. He has published several books including Barbarians in Hispania. Suevos Vándalos y Alanos en la lucha contra Roma (ed. La Esfera de los Libros) and Historia de los Visigodos (ed. Almuzara).

Identity, Tradition and Essence are concepts that are part of his professional and personal life and the maxim “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (II Timothy 4, 7) a goal to follow.

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