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Magical Night Walks by Toledo

There is another Toledo, a Toledo that is not in the tourist guides to use and is braided, with Mystery and Legend… A Magical Toledo of Templar Monks, Witches and Sorcerers, Haunted Houses, Alchemists and Necromancers. A unique and unrepeatable Toledo, who is waiting for you in the dusk of the hidden corners of an unforgettable city…

Toledo walking tour

Contact phone number: +34 691 23 28 41

Magic Journey to Toledo

The “Journey to Toledo Magic” is the quintessential night route around the Mystery and Legends of Toledo. Toledo it’s disclosed as the epicenter of Medieval Magic by the School of Necromancy and tracing the footsteps of Witchcraft and Wizardry in old sheds… Also in Underground and Caves inhabited by ancient mummies and around Haunted Houses where faceless voices from beyond, bring us the echo of old stories about goblins and ghosts…

P.V.P. 18 Euros. Two hours.
Includes visit to Toledo stunning caves and listening to EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recorded in the old town
Meet with us the exclusive Museum of Magical Spain.
Unique in Toledo.
From 20h in winter and 21h in summer.


Free guided tour Toledo

Mystery, Magic, Legend and Tradition … in an unforgettable city waiting for you…


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